Maxfield Galunggong (Round Scad) 2lb


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Frozen Round Scad ("Galunggong")


Dive into the authentic flavors of the Philippines with our Frozen Round Scad, locally known as "Galunggong". Each fish is carefully selected and frozen, measuring about 5 inches in length - the perfect size for a variety of Filipino culinary creations. This size of Round Scad is a staple in many traditional Filipino recipes.

  • Versatile in Use: Ideal for dishes like Sinaing sa Dahon, a classic simmered fish, or creating the perfect Fried Fish with a golden, crispy exterior. It's also a popular choice for Pinaksiw, bringing out the rich flavors in the vinegar-based stew.
  • Enhance Your Stir-Fries: Elevate your Stir-Fry Vegetables by adding this fish as a topping, providing a delightful contrast in flavors and textures.
  • Convenient and Ready to Cook: Our Frozen Round Scad saves you prep time, making it easier to bring traditional Filipino tastes to your table.
  • Quality and Freshness: Sourced for its quality, our Round Scad is frozen at peak freshness, ensuring the best taste and nutritional value.
  • A Touch of the Philippines: Whether you're cooking for a family dinner or exploring new recipes, our Galunggong brings a piece of Filipino culinary heritage right to your kitchen.

Add a classic Filipino touch to your meals with our Frozen Round Scad, a versatile and flavorful choice for any home chef!

Product of Vietnam

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